In Writing Workshop, we are now working on Opinion writing. This is definitely my favorite unit! I tell the kids that they will get to argue without getting in trouble, and they are even allowed to argue with me…as long as they can write about their opinion and provide reasons 😉

The first thing we will do is spend some time discussing facts versus opinions. Our last unit was strictly informational writing, so it’s a bit of a change. After that, we will use collections of small objects to have a “Best in Show” in the classroom, and the kiddos get to be the judges!

We will be having class debates and partner debates, pretending to be restaurant critics, writing letters to the “principal” asking for things for the school, and all kinds of other fun activities to get them formulating educated opinions and developing communication skills that they can use in the real world.

For fun, check out this page for some “Would You Rather?” questions you can ask each other at home!