In Writing Workshop, we are writing Small Moments. This is a type of narrative writing that focuses on a specific event, drawing out details and feelings from that event rather than developing a longer story. You can help your child with Small Moment stories by orally telling stories at home and elaborating on all of the teensy little details inside.

One thing we have talked about is finding “seed” stories instead of “watermelon” stories. What this means is taking a “watermelon” idea (the time I went on vacation with my parents and two sisters during my youngest sister’s senior year) and pulling out specific “seed” stories within it that happened in a short period of time (when our middle sister got sick on the way to the beach, when she and I booby-trapped our youngest sister’s hotel room with all kinds of pranks, when I bit into a Rice Krispies treat and my tooth broke…). The great thing about Small Moments is that it encourages us to dig deep into the event and pull out tiny details, such as how people felt in that moment. Brainstorm “watermelon” ideas with your child and try to pick out the “seed” stories inside it!