Check out the following link for information on what we are learning in math right now. It may seem like a lot, but just know that for this module we are working on ways to add numbers within 10 and ways to break apart numbers within 10 into smaller pieces. When you look at it … Continue reading Math


First grade is an exciting time for reading, but also a demanding one. This is the year your child will likely make the most reading progress in comparison to any other school year. It isĀ essential that you spend time reading at home, promote good reading habits (such as not using it as a punishment), and … Continue reading Reading


In Writing Workshop, we are writing Small Moments. This is a type of narrative writing that focuses on a specific event, drawing out details and feelings from that event rather than developing a longer story. You can help your child with Small Moment stories by orally telling stories at home and elaborating on all of … Continue reading Writing