Check out the following link for information on what we are learning in math right now. Eureka_Math_Grade_1_Module_2_Parent_Tip_Sheet In the last module, we focused on finding patterns with 10 as our goal. If you know all of the ways that 10 can be broken apart as well as all of the ways to take a 10 … Continue reading Math


First grade is an exciting time for reading, but also a demanding one. This is the year your child will likely make the most reading progress in comparison to any other school year. It isĀ essential that you spend time reading at home, promote good reading habits (such as not using it as a punishment), and … Continue reading Reading


In Writing Workshop, we are now working on Opinion writing. This is definitely my favorite unit! I tell the kids that they will get to argue without getting in trouble, and they are even allowed to argue with me…as long as they can write about their opinion and provide reasons šŸ˜‰ The first thing we … Continue reading Writing