Give Reading

Each month, we receive catalogs for books from Scholastic. The reality is, most families cannot purchase books each month, or even more than once or twice a year. Fortunately, Scholastic offers $1 books that make great gifts! Here’s the plan: each month, I will purchase books for every child in the classroom to send home and add to their personal libraries (in June, they will receive their July and August books).

This only works if all 18 students in my classroom have been “sponsored.”

Using the button below (securely powered by PayPal), you can help out with the cost of one child’s books and give the gift of reading! Even better, you will receive a handwritten thank you note from a student in our class…we need to practice writing and manners, after all!

Thank you so much for your help with this exciting project!

Note: your shipping address is only used for your thank-you note. None of your personal information will be used in any other way.

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