A Few Updates and Reminders :)

  • I just returned from a last-minute trip to NYC for the Teacher’s College Reading and Writing Project Saturday Reunion at Columbia University. My head has been packed full of information and ideas to make our reading and writing even better, from some of the brightest minds in reading and writing curriculum!
  • We will be starting spelling tomorrow, October 22. I have updated the Reading tab with our list of spelling words if you’d like to get a head start on practicing them!
  • Continue reading for 20 minutes each night. If you happen to visit our classroom, check out the goal tracker I’ve posted outside the door. Each time a student turns in a reading log, I get to color in some boxes showing how close he or she is to our goal of 100 books per student! I cannot emphasize enough just how proud I am of these kids…in less than 2 months, we’ve read OVER 500 BOOKS together! That’s crazy!
  • I’ve added some links and information to the Math and Writing tabs.
  • Starting tomorrow, the first-grade classes will be dismissed from the doors by the playground instead of from the front doors in an effort to help alleviate the congestion out front at the end of the day. Let me know if you have any questions.

Have a great evening!

Miss M.

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